A DWI Has Serious Consequences

He had gone to a soiree with his company and had a bit too much to drink. As soon as it was time to leave the gathering, he was aware that he had consumed a great deal of booze however he was sure that the simple drive home would be without issue. So, instead of contacting a friend, he got got in his car and commenced his route home. As with nearly all men and women who drive drunk, his faculties were impaired and in just a few moments, he had crashed into a parked car. Fortunately, no one was in the car when it occurred, nevertheless the effects and the damage to his life were irreparable.

The Effects of a DWI

Once the officers stopped him his blood alcohol level was 0.2, in excess the legal limit of .08 and so after being placed under arrest, and confessing his remorse, he was quickly sentenced for his crime, only to realize that things were destined to be far more serious than he estimated. Not only did he need to serve weekend time for his drunk driving conviction, but also in addition, his employment was in danger and his driver’s license was suspended for a year.

A Blunder in Judgment

Even though the person above was essentially an upstanding person, he just like so many people who drink and drive, simply didn’t comprehend how hazardous it can be. Now, he was confronted by the humiliation of having a record and losing his occupation as well as his license, all simply because he utilized inadequate judgment when getting behind the wheel of his car following drinking. Every day, this same type of situation transpires with thousands of people who without thinking put their life and the lives of others in jeopardy. Not only can life turn out to be a tragedy when driving drunk, but moreover the emotional, bodily and financial damage brought on by one experience of drunk driving is staggering. A Drunk driving not only has an effect on the life of the person who was drinking and driving, but it has fallout that affect the lives of all the people who rely on the man or woman who committed the DWI. Besides the threat of jail time, loss of a license and perhaps all driving privileges, other results include a huge increase in insurance if not cancellation, huge penalties, the potential loss of employment and the humiliation of a record.

The Cost of DWI

Regardless of how much you may imagine that having one or two drinks before driving is okay, if you have a crash and are charged with a DWI, the effects will probably be very severe. The risks are far too great and the destruction you can do to your life is simply not worth it. A DUI conviction may vanish after a few years, but a DWI criminal record could stay on your record forever. If you plan on drinking, be sure to give your keys to someone before you even start.